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Crackle   joined AdventureWalls
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apple_nightmare   joined AdventureWalls
SilentLuigi   Welp took you long enough
[Owner] swimmer1929   Sup
benster1712 x  joined AdventureWalls
[Owner] mythbusters844 :D  hey
Constipation_Pills   Almost forgot who he was for a second
EasedArtifact30   Well that's just lovely.
Constipation_Pills   joined AdventureWalls
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EliThePikaChu   long time since i seen you bb
SilentLuigi   How much time does the server run on for say $1?
SilentLuigi   I might plan on donating so the server goes up again or even Eli might
toddmanops   joined AdventureWalls
[Owner] swimmer1929   Welcome to the party!
iMoo3D   joined AdventureWalls
[Admin] williambarker565 Donator  Perfect timing o_O
EasedArtifact30   Welcome to the party! what swimmer would say if he was here ;m;
indivnat x  joined AdventureWalls
[Admin] Teshbo Fermer  Good time to join.
[Owner] swimmer1929   Yeah
[Owner] swimmer1929   Let's get this party started!!!11
[Owner] swimmer1929Wtf enjin what happened to all the modules O_O
[Admin] kiku5678 Donator  Same Im Bored
EasedArtifact30   Soz bored :I
BlueStarSonic   joined AdventureWalls
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AdventureWalls has reached a new record of 100 registered users today!
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EasedArtifact30   *cough*spambots*cough*
[Owner] swimmer1929   Spambots banned o_O
[Admin] Teshbo Fermer  Lol
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