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[Owner] mythbusters844 :D, [Owner] mythbusters844 :D and [Owner] swimmer1929   added a total of 3 Advanced days to AdventureWalls
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[Owner] mythbusters844 :D  o_O
presario x  joined AdventureWalls
[Owner] mythbusters844 :D  Another spambot :/
Katen10   This guys name is the same brand as my computer....
xzlol   joined AdventureWalls
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[Owner] mythbusters844 :D  first
EasedArtifact30   Finally, a non-spambot! Welcome to AdventureWalls, fellow adventurer!
Anonymous and Anonymous  donated a total of $11.29 to AdventureWalls
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[Admin] Cat_Fish12321 Donator  :DDDD
[Admin] Cat_Fish12321 Donator  Thanks Anonymous!
[Owner] mythbusters844 :D  O_O
farpan x  joined AdventureWalls
[Owner] mythbusters844 :D  They join but can't spam lol
[Owner] swimmer1929   I wish it was that easy v.v
TheBobombSquad   "A strong independent black woman liked your comment" O_o
AdventureWalls has reached a new record of 100 registered users today!
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EasedArtifact30   *cough*spambots*cough*
[Owner] swimmer1929   Spambots banned o_O
[Admin] Teshbo Fermer  Lol
anatoreb x  joined AdventureWalls
[Owner] swimmer1929   Banned. (another spambot) o_O
vehicyasme x  joined AdventureWalls
[Owner] swimmer1929   Banned. (spambot)
rashow x  joined AdventureWalls
[Owner] swimmer1929   Banned.
tenantamee x and sarynjan x joined AdventureWalls
[Owner] swimmer1929   Banned.
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